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  1. Okay, this is my point of view: Pay to win aspects are absolute shit, the amount of Servers that have shutdown since 2014 that I personally have donated to is quite insane and just like Harry said one of the many reasons DarkRP is dying but don't get me wrong if the server itself is WORTH donating to it that's a whole different story I will continue Scale: how do I determine a server is good? if you know the server has A: Abusive staff is a instant no no B: Unbalanced mechanics and for example Guns, Economy, or Shit/Unoptimized rules and overall bad server - from my experience on this server doesn't seem to have any of these and is totally good in this way Is this server worth Donating to: Server has to be THE best if not near the top the only problem is players don't see that as they have probably never played with SantosRP rules and with the risk of the server shutting down which probably won't be for awhile from now I think if it had players it would be 100% worth it FearRP: always hated it but I can see why It is a thing especially for these type of servers but one of the reasons the gamemode DarkRP does not get updates no longer the overall quality Rules to staff is low and Rules that staff cannot prove sometimes don't work out DarkRP in general: over 80% of the servers are the same thing over and over again but this server does a Insane job of making itself unique and I personally have NEVER seen something alike on Australian servers and here comes my suggestions Suggestions: I love to not have much ping and I'm sure thousands to millions of people think the same thing everyday so as the Australian DarkRP dies and one server that actually hits Good amount of players is semi-unique so what if you Just hosted another server in Australia? I can almost bet every player will be amazed once they join and I can also bet you will get at least 20+ players all online at once at prime time Well, That should rap that up and PLEASE actually read the post as I give my opinion that I have thought about since 2014 Note: if you only read the start please continue!



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