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  1. Yes I have been gone for a while due to college but my interest in becoming staff for CSi. hastn't changed. Personally I've never staffed DarkRP but I'm a quick learner and know most rules/how to resolve. My availability would be Monday through Sunday 3 and after. Every other weekend I drive to my girls house so every other weekend I will not be available in game. Although I will still have access via discord for questions. @Xavier
  2. Met this dude a couple days back and he is a pretty chill dude. Maybe a tad more time on the server would be nice as well as maybe being more active in discord. Ima give this dude a +1. Just stay active so I dont have to change my vote :)! Good Luck
  3. +1 This dude is older than me. Vet him up
  4. Need more playtime my guy. I had a good couple of months before I got accepted into CSi. Engage with the community and get your name out there -1
  5. Haven't had the chance of meeting you, Id like to see you on the server for a bit longer than a week. Id re-consider once I got to know you and see your engaging with the community. -1
  6. Personally we haven't met nor have i seen you really get into the community. Id say get 2-4 weeks experience and really get your name out there. -1
  7. Agree with medinator, When the server has a lot of people in it it takes quite a while for the round to end. Having a spectator deathmatch (optional) would likely increase the odds of people staying on. I always enjoyed the deathmatches when playing TTT, I felt rather bored waiting for rounds to end and would hop server to server.
  8. I see great potential in these ideas. If addressed correctly this would most definitely lead to an increase in player base. I myself am a "newbie" killer ;P. But in all seriousness the only reason I kill everyone no matter what is because every time i used to spare someone, they would kill me and take my loot even after handing them a gun xD.
  9. Kalder My favorite person gotta be Cantaloupe cause I stay roasting his head ahhh
  10. Don't think I have encountered you yet :(. Maybe I can see you around and maybe squad up sometime. Just hmu 😄
  11. CSi. Kalder

    Unban Request

    Respect the honesty, but if you do it once wont it happen again :/. Agree with Azure.... A form of punishment is needed.
  12. Should hopefully be up soon, Xavier has to do this every time there is a gmod update.
  13. +1 There is no doubt in my mind that you shouldn't be a CSi. member. Accept this app already dudes been around hella long.
  14. CSi. Kalder


    Yall were both with him at the time when me and pie snapped some evidence. Wouldn’t be suprised if yall were cheating as well. In the end, I came back with a bull and an ak-12 and killed both of them. After telling them how obvious they were they disconnected together. -1 Good luck my friends.
  15. George is a busy boi, even thoe I suck at both... I have 200k just sitting in my bank that I have no idea what to do with xD. Count me in.

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