Is the pilot's license permanent?

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Is the pilot's license permanent?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. WTRXGamer

    WTRXGamer New Member

    Is the pilot's license permanent?
  2. Azure

    Azure #1 Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

  3. Tsumia

    Tsumia Je suis Tsumia ... Je n'ai pas grand chose à dire

  4. Painis Cupcake

    Painis Cupcake Active Member

    wants to be csi and says he helps people hehexd. Yes, a pilot license is permanent.
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  5. Rhondezvous

    Rhondezvous The Best Friend Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Yes, it's permanent c:
    Who'd pay $20,000? For temporary flight? ^^
  6. Raizori

    Raizori Member

  7. Djbox17

    Djbox17 New Member

    Now the Pilot's License cost 12.000$ On the cherarus serv, and it's permanent ! You just have to "use item" when its in ur inventory :)
  8. Djbox17

    Djbox17 New Member

    T'es un bâtard

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