Fix the spawns.

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Layton, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Layton

    Layton Boxxy

    I spawn out of the SZ to spawn on the statue and die instantly.
    I die in the field with the floating house to spawn right next to where I died to get shot again.
    I spawn in the middle of a gunfight right after dying.
    I spawn right in front of someone with a gun to be shot down.
    Its not like it happens when theres 35+ people on. This shit happens when theres 12-18 people on aswell.
  2. Azure

    Azure #1 Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    There's nothing wrong with the spawns, sometimes you just get unlucky.

    Although a potential fix could possibly be not allowing people to spawn at spawn points which have people already at them. @Xavier
  3. Layton

    Layton Boxxy

    I would love to agree with it sometimes being unlucky, But in the span of 30 minutes when you die 20 seconds after you spawn and look at a respawn timer for 20-30 it isnt fun.
  4. Raizori

    Raizori Member

    I agree, I spawned on roof behind a group of 5 and obliterated them, its extremely unfair these spawns.
  5. Xavier

    Xavier Founder & Developer Staff Member Developer Council Member

    This has been on the to-do list for too long but it's had a low priority because it's still somewhat fair. You can get lucky just as much as you can get unlucky. I'll have to find a way to implement it without impacting server performance.
  6. Rhondezvous

    Rhondezvous The Best Friend Lovely Supporter Veteran Member

    Knowing there's many people on the servers, there's bound to be someone close by from where you've spawned at. I agree with you. It'd be great to have random spawn points in many parts of the map, and spawn away from everyone. Even your teammates, making it just as difficult to get back to them. Challenges are fun.
  7. HippoIppo

    HippoIppo The Hippo Named Ippo

    I love the spawns tbh. I enjoy spawning next other players. The only thing i would change is those spawns in the corners of the map where there is nobody and its rare to find scrolls as well. I feel that there are way more important things to fix and that this should be like 20th thing on to-do list.

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